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About Us

Giraffe English was established in Taiwan in 1986. Currently Giraffe English boasts over 700 schools across Taiwan, and in 2009 Giraffe opened its first doors in Shanghai. Now, Giraffe has expanded to over 35 schools across Mainland China with Shanghai being the flagship school for Mainland China. The Shanghai flagship school continually strives to incorporate new educational and management concepts.

Giraffe American English teaches students 3 to 12 years old, and given the age of our students, our mission extends beyond teaching English. We at Giraffe believe that we must not only be effective teachers of English, but work to help create an environment where students can work and learn collaboratively.

Giraffe is dedicated to instructing the whole person, which means we believe in character education as well as English education.

School Location

HuaShan Campus
-Located adjacent to the JiaoTong University metro station.
-2000 square meters, or 21500 square feet.
-18 differently themed classrooms.
-Approx. 2800 students.
ZhongXingCheng Campus
-Located adjacent to the JiaoTong University metro station.
-Located adjacent to Shanghai South Railway metro station.
-1000 square meters, or 11000 square feet.
-8 themed classrooms.
-Approx. 1200 students.
ShiGuangLi Campus
-Located adjacent to Longhua Middle Road metro station.
-700 square meters, or 7,534 square feet.
-6 themed classrooms and one 1 theater for student performances.
-Approx. 800 students.