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Teaching at Giraffe

Born to Survive / Champion Mindset / Inspire Innovation / Embrace Tolerance

Communicative Approach as a method of teaching
1. Emphasizing natural and effective use of English
2. Allow the freedom of conversation
3. Combined with the themes of situation teaching, communication skills, to not only learn English but to use English efficiently to improve the effectiveness of English learning
4. A learner-centered teaching method
Based on Phonics Spelling Rules
1. Designed with a linguistic point of view
2. Single word spelling rules practice
3. Three months to learn reading, listening & spelling
Trigger Method
1. Using the trigger method to help students easily understand the complicated knowledge points and principles
2. Based on student experience, the teacher leads the students to ask questions, answer and solve problems
3. Emphasis on student thinking and inspiration
4. The teacher leads the students to have a systematic learning habit
5. Clear teaching steps with advanced preparation of teaching materials