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Teaching at Giraffe
With our regular curriculum, we teach children aged 3 to 12 years old. Our young learners focus on speaking and as the students’ progress into different levels, they are introduced to reading and writing. Our courses are designed to cater to each students needs as well as establish confidence in their English speaking ability.
Speak Up is an advanced level course for students that are looking to challenge themselves and their ability to think critically. We currently have three courses that we are offering through Speak Up- Performance Show, Public Speaking, and Debate. Each course is specially designed to give our students to not only work on their English speaking ability, but also learn specialized and valuable skills that we hope will aid them for their academic future.
Inspiring learning enables learners to be exposed to speaking, writing, music, acting and other real world English experiences. This allows them to not only have a greater understanding of the language but also provide them with the platform to practice more natural, well rounded everyday English while incorporating fun, learner centered material.