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Why Giraffe

Life in China

Shanghai is a little slice of China itself. It is ancient and modern. It reaches backwards into history and forwards into the frontier. It is beautiful and practical. It is enlightening and entertaining.

Both Shanghai and China as a whole have been growing exponentially in recent years. What does this mean for you? It means that you can visit historic sites, get a taste of authentic Chinese cuisine, and you can take the low cost expansive metro system to get there. It means you can enjoy gourmet foreign foods while watching Chinese theater. It means that you can live in the best of the past and the future.

China’s expanding economy also means expanding desire for entertainment. Night clubs, live music, and excellent restaurants are available in every corner of Shanghai. If you are more the active type, club sports of all varieties, from football to ultimate frisbee, meet around the city to play. There are also hiking and travel groups to coordinate trips to China’s more remote and scenic locations. In short, if you have an interest, China has a group for it.

Training and Professional Development

We are dedicated to our students, and that means making sure that all teachers are thoroughly prepared before they are responsible for their own classes. At Giraffe, you will receive training on all aspects of teaching. You will be taught how to plan and deliver engaging lessons, as well as how to provide feedback to students and manage parent interactions.

Your training will be broken into two phases. First, there is an intensive probationary period in which you will be given the base skills that you need to be effective in the classroom. You will never be thrown into a classroom without adequate preparation. After plenty of time observing and receiving one-to-one training with our experienced staff, here is what an average third week of training looks like:

-More one-to-one training covering course goals and lesson planning.

-Observations of experienced teachers from which you can pull ideas and inspiration.

-Practice lesson demonstrations where you will receive feedback from your mentor, allowing you to smooth out your lessons before you’re put into the classroom setting.

-In-class demo lessons where you will teach a portion of the class while an experienced teacher assists you and provides feedback.

The second phase will begin after you have satisfactorily completed your probationary period. Once you have become a full-fledged teacher at Giraffe, you will be offered extensive professional development workshops and training to improve your skills in the classroom. You can even share some of your own ideas with your fellow employees! Some previously offered workshops include:

  • •  Integrating Technology into the Classroom

  • •  Creating Mind Maps

  • •  Activity Sharing

  • •  Storytelling

  • •  Young Learner Development