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Why Giraffe

About our Giraffers

We have a staff of over 200 individuals, with jobs ranging from teaching and management to IT and videography. In addition to our amazing Chinese and Taiwanese staff, our foreign teaching department has representatives from Australia, New Zealand, the U.K., Canada, the U.S., Ireland, and South Africa. This creates a very dynamic and international working environment, and fosters a sense of community that can be hard to find elsewhere.

Getting Involved with Giraffe

Throughout the year, Giraffe hosts a number of cultural, athletic and leisure events exclusively for members of the Giraffe team to show appreciation for all the hard work everyone puts in.

  • •  We take a company trip outside of the city every spring, host Nintendo Switch tournaments, hold events such as Giraffe Prom and holiday dinners, and let’s not forget the highlight of the Giraffe calendar—the award style annual meeting!

  • •  Among the foreign teaching department there are small interest groups such as a book club, soccer club, Game of Thrones viewing parties and language swaps.

Professional Development

We are dedicated to our students, and that means making sure that all teachers are thoroughly prepared before they are responsible for their own classes. At Giraffe, you will receive training on all aspects of teaching.

  • •  Observations of experienced teachers from which you can pull ideas and inspiration.

  • •  Attend CPD’s to further improve your skills.

Living the Hai Life

Shanghai is a profoundly diverse city. You can always find an activity or group that you can share your interests with. If you are more the active type, club sports of all varieties such as football to ultimate frisbee meet around the city to play. There are also hiking and travel groups to coordinate trips to China’s more remote and scenic locations. Shanghai also has a booming entertainment community. Night clubs, live music, and excellent restaurants are available in every corner of Shanghai!

  • •  Observations of experienced teachers from which you can pull ideas and inspiration.

  • •  Attend CPD’s to further improve your skills.

Job Positions

Giraffe has teaching positions available in cities all over China. We are dedicated to making your teaching experience as pleasant as possible by offering competitive salaries, legal working visas, and opportunities for career progression. We look forward to having you on our team!


  • o  Starting salary from 16,000 RMB to 18,000 RMB

  • o  Health Insurance

  • o  Legal working visa

  • o  Chinese lessons

  • o  12,000 RMB salary advance available

  • o  Real possibility to receive a raise within the first year

  • o  Contract completion bonus of up to one month’s pay

  • o  One-way flight provided for overseas applicants

  • o  Paid leave varies based on Chinese holidays

  • o  Unpaid personal leave is also available

  • o  Continuous living support from our dedicated support team

  • o  Airport pickup, hotel stay for first two weeks, assistance finding housing

  • o  Opportunities for career progression

Job Requirements

  • o  Bachelors Degree

  • o  Native English Speaker

  • o  Enjoy working with children

  • o  TEFL certification

  • o  You are not required to speak Chinese

  • o  To meet China’s visa regulations applicants must be citizens from the US, the UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand or South Africa.

Job Responsibilities

  • o  Teach students between 3-12 years old

  • o  Create and deliver lessons

  • o  Participate in teacher trainings

  • o  Use Giraffe curriculum and teaching resources in the classroom