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We are dedicated to our students, and that means making sure that all teachers are thoroughly prepared before they are responsible for their own classes. At Giraffe English Shanghai, you will receive training on all aspects of teaching. You will be taught how to plan and deliver engaging lessons, as well as how to provide feedback to students and manage parent interactions.

Probation Period
Your probation period is a thorough training program in which you will be given the base skills that you need to be effective in the classroom. You will never be thrown into a classroom without adequate preparation. A typical day of training would include
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Extensive Professional Development
Once you have finished the probationary period you will still be offered extensive professional development workshops and training to improve your skills in the classroom. You can even share some of your own ideas with your fellow employees! Some previous
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Meet the Team

Giraffe takes pride in the success of each student. Their success begins with a dedicated teacher.

JJ Vice Center Director
Teaching young learners can be very challenging in its own right. The hardest part however, is getting the students to enjoy learning and enjoy coming to Giraffe every week. The key to my teaching style is to have a positive environment that allows students to open up and feel comfortable throughout the learning process. A positive experience early on can unlock unlimited potential. When students are so young, their mind is still being shaped by the world around so it is crucial for children to reach their full potential.
Adam Foreign Teaching Manager JYC
As a manager it’s important to have a process to follow, and be able to make that process clear to our teachers as well. This builds trust between us and allows us to both to be able to set and achieve attainable goals. At Giraffe we’re constantly pushing our teachers to improve their skill set, and to challenge themselves to be better not only with their teaching skills, but to push themselves to try new things. Working in a supportive and forward thinking environment like this is my favorite part of the job.
Kirsty Senior Mentor at HS
I have always believed that in life you should never stop learning and working with kids allows me to learn something new every day. Teaching is about providing kids with more than just knowledge from a book but also sharing experiences and values. I learn a lot about kindness and caring from working with children and I strive to impart those values, along with passion and excitement for learning and life to my students.
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