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Over our past 10 years in Shanghai we have developed a community atmosphere amongst our staff. With teachers from Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, UK, & the US we have become a diverse family and made lifelong friends. Living in Shanghai means there's always something fun to do and working at Giraffe means you always have people to do it with. 

Living the Hai Life
Shanghai is a profoundly diverse city. You can always find an activity or group that you can share your interests with. If you are more the active type, club sports of all varieties such as football to ultimate frisbee meet around the city to play. There are also hiking and travel groups to coordinate trips to China’s more remote and scenic locations. Shanghai also has a booming entertainment community. Night clubs, live music, and excellent restaurants are available in every corner of Shanghai!
Learning Chinese
Chinese can seem very daunting at first, especially given the lack of alphabet, but with our free lessons you can always get better. Want to learn some Chinese now? No problem! Here are some words and phrases to help you out until you get started with your Chinese lessons at Giraffe.
Ni hao -Hello
Ni hao ma? (‘Ma’ is a question particle)-How are you?
Duo shao qian?-How much
Xiexie –Thanks
Dui bu qi - I’m sorry
You mei you – Do you have…?
Wo yao qu – I want to go to
Zai na li? – Where’s the…?
Annual Meeting

Ladies find your dress and fellas whip out those suits. This is a formal affair where we recap memorable events from the past year and set our eyes on the future. Oh yeah, and lots of big prizes!

Spring Trip

Each spring Giraffers are invited to hop on a bus and explore a nearby area in China. Great local cuisine and a luxury hotel is a guarantee.

Sports Day

Are you competitive? Want some bragging rights among your coworkers? Then get ready for Sports Day where we compete in basketball, bowling, dragon boat racing and much more!

Prom Night

Each fall we host a fun filled cocktail party with games, karaoke, food and drinks! Don’t forget to vote for your Prom King & Queen!

Poker Night

Never played before? No problem! Cheap buy-in and free wine lets everybody go home a winner.

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