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Making the decision to pursue an ESL teaching career abroad and a life of adventure can be daunting, but you won’t be doing it alone. Here at Giraffe English Shanghai, we do everything in our power to ensure that your transition to China is smooth and that you are set up for success.


>   Be in China

>   Bachelors Degree

>   Native English Speaker

>   Enjoy working with children

>   Open to new experiences

>   TEFL, TESOL, or CELTA certification

>   You are not required to speak Chinese

*To meet China’s visa regulations applicants must be citizens from the US, the UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand or South Africa.


>   Excellent salary: 19,000 – 23,000 RMB per month (based on qualifications and teaching ability)

>   1 way flight reimbursement to Shanghai

>   2 weeks hotel accommodation upon arrival

>   Legal Z work visa provided

>   Visa document reimbursement

>   Health insurance provided

>   Contract completion bonus of up to one month’s salary

>   30 days national and school holidays annually

>   5 days paid personal leave annually plus unpaid personal leave available

Frequently Asked Questions
Does Giraffe offer training for new teachers?
Giraffe offers intensive personal training for newly hired teachers that lasts up to 3 months depending on the progress of the teacher. You will never be thrown into a classroom without adequate preparation. Even after the first 3 months, we continue to offer trainings for teachers who want to continue to improve their abilities in the classroom.
I don’t know how to speak Chinese, is that a problem?
Fortunately, no Chinese is required when teaching our students. We focus on immersive English learning which means everything from preparing lesson plans to delivery in the classroom is done in English. In addition, you will always have a Chinese or Taiwanese co-teacher in the classroom with you to enrich the students’ experience. If that’s not enough, Giraffe also offers free Chinese lessons to all our teachers so you can immerse yourself in the local culture.
Does Giraffe offer opportunities other than teaching?
After you have passed the probation process, we encourage you to explore whatever passions you have. This is an excellent chance to develop skills that will be valuable to your career in the future. We have opportunities in recruitment, management, training, and mentoring.
Are there other financial incentives besides my base salary?
As stated previously we offer contract completion bonuses of up to one month’s salary. In addition to that, we assess our teachers every 6 months which is another opportunity to receive a raise. On top of that we offer a class hour bonus for teachers who are putting in extra hours in the classroom. Be sure to ask about the class hour bonus during your first interview for more details.

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